Wednesday, October 27, 2010

For the Babes

Thrifting, if we haven't made it perfectly clear yet, is beneficial for the whole family. This week, I (Adele) set out to prove that once again. I hit up a local SalVal that I hadn't been to before, not knowing what goodness would await me. While there, I honed in on the massive baby section, as one of my husband's co-workers is pregnant and on the lookout for baby girl clothes. Oh, and as an added bonus, it was "50% off day" at SalVal! I admit, I went a little crazy. :) As the following pictures will show, I made off with a tremendous amount of baby clothing for a steal - ~$37!!! Many name-brand outfits can cost nearly that much -- for just one outfit! And, to make the financial blow even worse, baby clothing is quickly outgrown (and/or stained) and needs to be replaced frequently. Everything I found today carried a brand name that I recognized, yet none of the clothing cost me over $2.50 per piece! With that in mind, the Frugal Friendzies strongly stress the notion of being consistently frugal in the area of baby (and children's) clothing. And to make it easier to convince our readers, here's a visual sampling of what you just might find in your quest for frugality:

A selection of 13 onesies I picked up today. They range in size newborn to ~6mo.
Some cute little shirts/sweaters (they each snap shut) and three pairs of the same style pants in different colors.
Two adorable skirts no baby girl should be without.
Found this top and matching jeans on two different racks. Pays to search carefully!
Eyelet lace dress and bloomers. The collar is light pick with embroidered daisies. SO sweet!
Four dresses that were too dear to pass up!
Green gingham dress with embroidered pink flowers. Cuteness.
Pink eyelet halter dress. Sassy!
Gerber brand terry cloth bath blanket. Most expensive purchase here (I think around $6), but a necessity for a freshly-washed baby!
My favorite find of the bunch - GAP baby brand terry cloth zippered onsies/hoodie/cover up? Looks so snuggly! I want one!
Here's a shot of everything. All for $37!
So next time you're faced with a baby shower, pregnancy, or gift dilemma for a baby, give a thrift store the chance to help you out. We bet you won't regret it.

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