Saturday, October 9, 2010

Odds & Ends

Although the main focus of this blog is obviously maintaining a deceptively cheap yet super chic wardrobe, we felt we may as well show you some of the cool other stuff that can be had from shopping second hand. Myriads of dishes, pillows, blankets, shoes, books, dvds, toys, matresses, dressers, coffee makers, etc etc... await you! Basically anything is a possibility, which is what, in my mind, makes thrift store [hunting] shopping absolutely exhilerating! Sifting through a pile of hodgepodge pillows and randomly finding an great one that perfectly matches one's living room decor gives us a thrill! Here is just a little smattering of some of the neat stuff we found that we might have ended up buying anyway from a retail store for much more.

Tea/spice tins: always handy for holding loose tea, flour, sugar, cinnamon sticks, coffee, cardamom or even hair supplies. Most of these were no more than $1. I think a couple of them were even only 49 cents at the Salvation Army.

Pillows, votive candle holders and little porcelain goodies: The pillow was $3.50 from GoodWill, the flower candle votives $1.99 and metal candle holder 49 cents from Salvation Army. The little porcelain box was 99 cents and it holds bobby pins great :)
CD's: You can find anything from Rihanna to Beethoven, and all for a little bit of pocket change. These were $1.99 from GoodWill.


  1. I love the tins that you found! I just blogged about similar finds a few days ago :)

  2. Pretty flowers! ;)

    Okay friend, so you've got me started collecting tins for our tea, but around here, it's much harder. I don't know why. I have about three that are okay, but I'm struggling to find more at the moment. Need to check some antique shops.
    But good for you girl- keep going! :-D