Monday, October 18, 2010

This Week's Loot

I (Adele) went on a thrifting spree this week. I hit up four local thrift stores in a matter of two afternoons looking for the perfect finds. Unfortunately, these trips didn't yield many stellar finds, but I attribute that fact to a few reasons:

1) I was rushed both days. I didn't explore as thoroughly as I could have. Therefore, I didn't maximize my chances of finding all the diamonds in the rough.
2) My wardrobe and home is basically complete. I don't need a ton of clothes or things for our house. So I'm pretty picky when I'm out thrifting. Even at rock-bottom prices, if I don't 100% need it, it's a waste of money to buy it.
3) Selection just plain might be slim. The pickings could be as slim as they appear. Selection will vary throughout the year, so I will have to try these stores again and again. Hopefully with more patience and more time in the future.

As for the stores I utilized this week, I hit up a rather large Community Aid (basically like Salval or Goodwill), a Goodwill, and two consignment shops (Making Sense, and Hello, Gorgeous).

Here's the loot:
Found at Hello, Gorgeous for $9! (Tag said $18, and it was a tag that was half price that day. Score!) Simple, vintage, cotton dress.
I'm not really a "dress" girl, but this thing fits to a T, and I think will be a nice variation within my wardrobe.
So the one article of clothing I've been on the hunt for is a pair of well-fitting khakis/brown pants. And, as a side note, I happen to LOVE/ADORE/OBSESS OVER Gap brand clothing.
Perfect condition, GAP Stretch khakis. Perfect fit. Perfect cuffed hem and tab-front waist. Perfect price at Making Sense: $9.60. Even at the GAP outlet, it is highly unlikely (read: never happens!) to find such nice pants under $15, let alone under $10! So, YAY!
Not so flattering in picture form, but I promise, this blouse looks great on! It's silk (brand: August Silk) with cap sleeves and a fun pattern. I needed to add to my "dress shirt" repertoire, and I think this little number does the trick nicely.
Originally, this shirt retails for $58. I know this because the tags were ALL still on it. The $19.99 tag is from Boscovs, where this shirt evidently went on sale. I took it home for a mere $5. Yes, FIVE dollars. That, my frugal friends, is over 90% off of the original retail price. *smile*
I love red. I have, for whatever reason, practically NO red stuff in my closet. I had to remedy this fact immediately. I wanted a red shirt, specifically, and one that was basic, comfy, and flattering. What luck when I stumbled across this perfect match to my criteria.
Express brand. Found at Making Sense for $4.80. So, naturally, buying it made a LOT of sense to me. ;)

Also, non-clothing related, I found CDs at Goodwill and many pretty storage tins at Hello, Gorgeous. Those will make an appearance in another post, I'm sure. :)

Happy thrifting!


  1. Adele, I have that exact red shirt in royal blue! Totally love it. Awesome finds!

    -Sarah Jane

  2. Nice finds. I like that red shirt!

    C'mon over to my blog and see what I just bought. It wasn't very frugal, but it is healthier in a way...

  3. i have that express basic sexy tee and i loveeee it! well actually i have the basic sexy vee. but don't you worry, i also bought it at a thrifty. :)