Thursday, October 14, 2010

Accessorize on a dime!

Ahh accessories- purses, high heels, scarves, jewelry.... those little extra things that we feel we have to have as women that sometimes can put a strain on the budget. Hubby dear doesn't always understand why we simply must must have a purse to match each outfit, or 20 pairs of shoes. Let's face it, unlike men, we can't get away with only owning a pair of church shoes, casual shoes, and sneakers like they seem to be able to do. Joyously, not only are the clothes very worth browsing through in thrift stores, but there are usually several racks of purses and at least one jewelry counter to go through that abound with little treasures for the diligent scavenger. In our opinion, there is no reason to have any "discussions" over spending money on earrings and such when a girl can find most anything right at her local thrift store. Check out a few of our lucky finds:
These shoes were picked up at a local consignment shop in PA. They're Fioni (Payless brand), perfect condition, and $7.00. They were bought to match a dress also purchased at the same consignment shop. And a matching purse was also found there, but I have since sent it on to SalVal, so I don't have a picture. Just goes to show, you can find a whole fancy outfit in one Thrift Store.
This purse is Steve Madden, found at a local consignment shop  when I discovered at the last minute that I needed a gold handbag to match a dress I was wearing to a friend's wedding. The strap is removable, and the purse looks brand new. Sadly, I don't remember exactly what I paid for it, but I do know it wasn't more than $5.00. Can't beat that!

Got these cute little shoes at Salvation Army for $2.99. They're Fioni (Payless brand). They have since been used, but they were in perfect condition, they looked as if they had never even been worn.
As seen before, the infamous Guess watch, only $5.97 at GoodWill. Wild Rose big stud earrings: $1.00 at Salvation Army. Beaded indie bracelets: $1.25 at Salvation Army.
This is a medium sized mint condition Chanel makeup bag. It was just 43 cents at Salvation Army. Yes, I realize these usually come free with the purchase of makeup, but that makeup is expensive and I didn't have to buy it to get the bag :) These are so handy for traveling too, because they're usually pretty waterproof.
Yes, this is a Tommy Hilfiger Iconic handbag. There are no marks or stains on it at all except a pen explosion ink stain on one area of an inside corner. The ink is dry, didn't leak through to the outside, and no one ever cares about the inside of a purse anyways. This sweet little find was at Salvation Army for $3.00.

Found this Guess brand watch at GoodWill for only $6.99. It is working, and just has a few minor scratches on the one side of the metal band, but it's really mod looking, lightweight and awesome! I bet I can get it buffed, but even if I don't, the pics don't do it justice, it's very chic.

Hollister genuine leather belt, GoodWill for only $1.49.
                                         Accessorize all you want ladies, and have fun doing it!

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