Saturday, October 2, 2010

September's "Find of the Month"

On September 13th, I (Sarah Jane) walked into a GoodWill store because I was bored and thought I might find a nice pillow for my couch (which I did, more posts on home decor later, yay!), and walked out with a totally unexpected treasure. It was such a surprise and soooooo cheap that after calling Adele in giddy glee to tell her about it, she and I decided that each month we will post an entry about our "Find of the Month," i.e. something super fabulous that we found- something so awesome that whoever donated it probably actually didn't mean to, and it accidentally fell into their donation bag as they were putting stuff in it before they headed out the door. So anyways, I know this post is a little late, it's already October, but henceforth we will try to be more punctual in our posting. So, ladies and gentlemen, here is what I found, drumroll please............. A Guess brand Waterpro G75791M watch in MINT condition with the little peely plastic backing still on! It's waterproof to 330 feet and the hands and little dots at each number even glow in the dark! Please excuse my paleness in the pics.

I was in line at the checkout counter when I happened to glance over and see a pile of watches by the cash register. I looked closer and saw this one among them and was shocked upon closer inspection to see that it was Guess, and in such good condition. I held it up to the sales lady (who was probably in her 70's) and said "How much is this?" She seemed in a rush and a little annoyed even and told me she didn't know because she hadn't priced the watches yet. I waited a few tense seconds, shifted my feet and said, "Well, if I wanted to buy it now, how much would it be?" As she held up the watch and squinted at it, I got a little anxious and wondered whether she would realize its worth and what exactly she would price it at. After what seemd like an eternity she said, "Well, how about $5.97? That's the usual price for watches." Needles to say, I told her I'd take it, and walked out on cloud nine to my car. When I got home with it I showed my husband and we both decided that thrift stores were one of the best things about America. When he and I walked into a Macy's department store the other day, we saw this very same watch in their display case for $75.00. Definitely the find of the month.


  1. Marvelous! I would have to agree that thrift stores are one of the best thngs about America.