Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Real Deal

Here it is, fellow frugal folks! The link to our debut on local television: Enjoy reading snippets from the interview and watching the segment that aired on TV this week.

May our story inspire you all to more frugal endeavors! Happy Holidays!

~The Frugal Friendzies


  1. You two looked mah-velous! And smart, and thrifty. Great job on the interview! (It only lacked Henry ;)

  2. Hi Sarah Jane (this is Andrea from high school lol!)...that's cool you were on TV! I would have watched, but we don't get TV at our apt...but...I am a devoted thrift store shopper! Most of my (good) brand name clothing I got at Salvation Army--it's awesome. I'm in the market for a new pair of jeans, I'll try and take your challenge to buy second hand for a whole!

  3. Hi Andrea! My husband and I don't have TV either, I had to watch my own TV debut from my parent's house, haha! Jeans are super easy to buy thrift, I'm 110% sure you'll find a pair soon. If you do take the challenge by the way, you're in for some fun, and I'm sure your husband will really love it. I know mine does. Thanks for following us :)

    Sarah Jane