Monday, November 29, 2010

November's Find of the Month- Gucci!

This month's find absolutely proves that anything is possible at a thrift store. I (Sarah Jane) found a genuine Gucci purse in great condition for $11.00 at a local Salvation Army. If you didn't know, Gucci's go for upwards of $1000 new, and are usually found used on ebay for anywhere from $150-$500. This is a designer brand celebrities choose. Here are some pics I snapped with my phone.

Yesiree looks like the genuine article to me, the GG design is even, and the label "Gucci" is everywhere, on the hardware and on the fabric inside.

*One quick tip when shopping for purses especially- if you're not sure whether it's the genuine article or not, always count on designer arrogance. If it's the real deal, it should say the brand name on the inside tag and on the hardwear (the metal buttons) at a bare minimum. Brand names cost a lot more but are usually attractive because they're a status symbol, so companies are proud to slap their label all over their product. For example, if a purse looks like it's Coach brand and even has C's all over the outside, but inside just has a blank tab where the Coach label should be, it's a fake.

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