Thursday, February 10, 2011

Merry Wind and thrifty recycling

In December Adele and I stopped in to our favorite Tea Shoppe in central Pennsylvania- One Good Woman. (If you are ever in Camp Hill, PA, you must stop in, it's truly one of the jewels of the area!) While shopping, we happened to find out that one of the employees, Merry Wind, has started her own business called Next Life Design. She uses old sweaters and suits she's not using anymore or clothes from thrift stores to make pillows, handbags, scarves, and tea cozies. We thought that was pretty green and pretty thrifty! She also creates soft and sentimental pillows upon request from loved ones' clothing. Oh, and because all of her pieces are made from old clothing, everything is machine washable! We at Frugal Friendzies thought this frugal innovator well worth a post of her own. Here are some pictures we snapped:

The artiste with her creations

More pillows!

Two of her tea cozies. Note the large selection of delectable tea in the background :)

So, if you ever have the chance, stop on in, get some great tea, fresh ground coffee, and one of Merry's awesome creations!

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