Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Latest Finds

My closet is getting nicely filled out from this thrift store diet- so filled out in fact that I don't really need much more! However, being an avid shopper, I do manage to find the occasional items I just can't pass up.

Fossil watch- brand new with leather band and the plastic protector still on the back- $15 at local consignment shoppe. Mom's Christmas present :)

Trying to look more serious and model-ey in an Ann Taylor Loft cardigan I got for $4.00 at a local consignment shoppe. You can't see it well in this picture, but the top collar has a silk ribbon design all the way around.

Lilac Banana Republic shirt- $5.60 at Wannabe's Upscale Resale!

Pretty ivory scarf- $1.50 at Salvation Army

Hardcover and in good condition! $1.00 each at Mission Mart
So don't forget to keep looking and thrifting...there's bound to be a hidden treasure out there for you!

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