Thursday, September 16, 2010

Our inspiration: Mission Mart

We must credit Mission Mart Thrift Shoppe for the initial inspiration behind this blog. September 9th was the day we stepped foot in that store. Mission Mart is a thrift store out of Bloomington, IL, which uses 100% of its proceeds to benefit a homeless shelter that is located right next door. The shelter and the store are part of a Christian ministry organization called Home Sweet Home Ministries. HSH's aim is to provide food, clothing, shelter and counseling, among other things, to those in need. They are literally following Christ's call of compassion, and are able to demonstrate His love in both word and deed. They also share the message of salvation through Christ with every resident. Their store was possibly the largest, cleanest, and most comprehensive thrift store we've ever been to. As with any thrift store, it required some time to sift through the racks of clothes, but overall it was well-organized and not over-stuffed. The best part was obviously the end result!
Here are my (Adele) lucky finds: Ann Taylor LOFT button down dress shirt. On "sale" for half price. Express sequined tank top. Also on "sale" for half price. Total spent = $2.13. Hehe. Hehehehehe.
The awesomeness from Mission Mart

  I (Sarah Jane) was absolutely overwhelmed at my total bill when I hoisted my own stack of goodies onto the counter. Here's what I got: American Eagle long sleeved shirt, Mossimo (Target brand) teal peasanty shirt, pink scarf (no brand), brown flats (no brand stamped inside), Worthington tan skirt, and a Larry Levine Signature gray stripe pantsuit. Total: $19.33. I actually gasped at the price and the salesgirl asked me if it was too high! I laughed and assured her I was just shocked at what a great deal I had gotten that day. I don't have a reciept with the price breakdown, but the shoes were 4.99 and the scarf 3.99, so that leaves a total of about $11 for all the clothes. Here's a pic of what I got, and all the stuff was in pretty perfect condition.
Yeah, thrift stores are the best.

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